Ofo’s bicycle-sharing headquarters in Beijing welcomed a visit from Apple CEO Tim Cook.ecb exchange rates usd to gbp,Liu Wei (CEO of Zhiwei Technology): Through the interpretation of the current popular topics of women, it gives women a strong sense of substitution, arouses resonance, triggers communication effects, and highlights the characteristics of brands focusing on women.

As a mobile Internet elite enterprise that has been in the fertile land of Zhejiang for 12 years, Tiansou Co., Ltd. is very aware of the importance of integrity to an enterprise. It not only abides by integrity in daily management, but also raises integrity to the height of corporate culture. , establishes "honesty and trustworthiness" as one of the six values that employees must abide by, and uses the power of culture to make integrity the biggest foundation for Tiansou to win the trust of the society and users.ecb exchange rates usd to gbp