He is Zheng Wenjie, an employee of the British Consulate General in Hong Kong. His English name is Simon Zheng. It is said to have been a former employee expelled from the British Empire. However, this is not important. What is important is that because of his superior skills in planting and stolen goods, this little listener has been favored and valued by the boss of his boss, the British Foreign Minister Rab, and has successfully become a Western politician to discredit China. Opinion pieces.nft eth,  Moral support from many, scant support. Some people in the United States have “green lighted” for violent violence, seriously violated the basic norms of international law and international relations, violated the common values ??of mankind, and challenged the bottom line of human morality and civilization. In fact, they have “red lights” for the future of their country. Back to violence. For example, the United States provoked war chaos in the Middle East to create a large-scale refugee crisis, which caused a huge impact on the social order in the United States and the West, and ultimately harmed its own interests.