cryptocurrency mining internet speed,  "Strict law enforcement is the core content of the road parking reform, and the effectiveness of the reform is gradually showing." According to Rong Jun, deputy director and spokesman of the Municipal Transportation Committee, starting this year, the public security traffic management department has increased the enforcement of illegal parking and made full use of scientific and technological means. The enforcement of illegal parking this year has increased by 50% over the same period last year , further standardizing the order of road parking. According to statistics, from 12 Yue 1 date, the third installment of the implementation of the Beijing road parking reforms 9 districts set up nearly 350 people in the parking wardens team, the new off-site law enforcement equipment nearly 600 sets, to strengthen illegal parking Law enforcement forces and enforcement efforts to ensure good road parking order.

  On October 22 , the Rocket Transport Fleet set sail from Tianjin Port to load the Long March V rocket produced from the Tianjin Large Rocket Base. After 5 days and night sailing, the fleet arrived safely at Qinglan Port, Wenchang, Hainan. Subsequently, the rocket was transported by road to Wenchang Space Launch Site in sections, and the two rocket carriers returned to their home port.cryptocurrency mining internet speed