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  [ Global Times correspondent correspondent in the United States, Egypt, special correspondent Xiao Da Huang Peizhao Zheng Xuan Chen Yi Liu Yupeng ] Iran announced on Monday that low-concentration enriched uranium stocks exceeded 300 kg, which is the upper limit allowed by the Iranian nuclear agreement in 2015 . Tensions between the United States and Iran have thus escalated. US President Trump warned on the 2nd that "Iran is playing with fire." Senior US Senator Graham warned in a "war": "If Iran continues to enrich uranium, it will definitely trigger a war between Israel and Iran." The Iranian side also used "war" to fight back. "If the United States attacks us, then only half an hour is left in Israel's life," said Zournur, chairman of the Iranian parliament ’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee. As the tension between the United States and Iran escalated, most countries in the international community urged both parties to exercise restraint. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said that this development was the result of "unprecedented pressure" from the United States on Iran. The British "Express" said that Iran's move marked the failure of the Trump administration's "marginal war" strategy.How to make money from miners