solana dex explorer,  Shenzhen thought about asking for land from surrounding cities. In 2011 , under the coordination of the Guangdong Provincial Government, Shenzhen and Shanwei jointly established the Shenzhen-Shanshan Special Cooperation Zone. In 2018 , the economic and social affairs of the Shenzhen-Shanshan Special Cooperation Zone were dominated by Shenzhen . The enclave with a total area of 468.3 square kilometers became Shenzhen's " 10 + 1 " zone.

  In the early morning of the next day, at the ramp about 2 kilometers from the west to the east of the S20 to the S2 Hulu Expressway , the road sign labeled "Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area" has been replaced early. Then two weeks, 8 Yue 20 days, China (Shanghai) free trade area experimental zone Lingang new film officially inaugurated.solana dex explorer