The "zoning plan" will adhere to the fundamental direction of the ecological zone, fully implement the functional positioning of the ecological conservation area, protect the green mountains and rivers with the highest standards, the most stringent requirements, and the best quality, and build an ecological barrier in the northern part of the capital. Based on the strategic positioning of the "four centers" of the capital, adhere to the road of green innovation and development, build a high standard of Yanqi Lake International Capital, serve to ensure the country's top-level international exchanges and full-flow home diplomatic activities, and adhere to the "Huairou is a science city, science city It is "Huairou" development ideas, and accelerate the construction of a new pattern of integrated development of ecological culture, scientific and technological innovation, conference and leisure, film and television culture under the leadership of Huairou Science City, and strive to build Huairou into a happy beautiful modern city.Quant,  Two years ago, the main leaders of Huihong Group were also investigated.