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  Aiming at the question of "only dissertation is an example" in the scientific research rating system, Gong Ke answered: First of all, I must emphasize that "dissertation evaluation" is an internationally accepted basic academic research evaluation that has been tested for more than 100 years. It's "peer review." Why attach importance to the papers of excellent journals? Because with its higher level of peer review. Why look at citation rates? Also look at peer reviews. The evaluation of the paper was criticized because it was "unified", simply quantified, and used where it was not applicable. In recent years, in order to suppress the simple quantitative evaluation, Nankai University has always adopted a "representative work" evaluation system, such as the application of three representative works by the deputy professor. But the representative works are mainly thesis. Later, we further reformed, the representative works are not only papers, but also teaching achievements, patents and implementation results, and so on. But what's the problem? In the end, when the difference is high, the paper factor is prominent again because it is highly differentiated! This shows that the reform of scientific research evaluation is not so simple. In essence, we still do not have enough knowledge of the laws of different scientific research activities. Now we need to work together to solve this problem. Therefore, I suggest that the government work report should include the words "deepening scientific research evaluation reform". This is a matter of glory.helium blockchain update