The reason why the World Peace Conference is so rampant is that it has the blatant support of some Western countries and their various "foundations" behind it. Among them, the anti-China forces of the United States are behind it. According to statistics from the National Fund for Democracy ( NED ) annual funding projects, in the past 3 years, the NED has continued to increase funding for "East Turkistan" and other "East Turkistan" organizations. 2017 year, NED on the "East Turkistan" organization funded amounted to 55.6 million US dollars, 2018 year was 66.9 million dollars, 2019 year is 96 million dollars. The NED claims to be a non-partisan, non-governmental organization. In fact, its main funding comes from US Congressional appropriations. Since 20 Century 80 since the early years of its inception, the Foundation garb of "NGO", and around the world doing some shady dealings. From Ukraine to Venezuela, from Iran to Myanmar, there are NEDs behind the subversive activity or "color revolution" in these countries .tethered drone price,Kelly Craft   , then U.S. Ambassador to Canada (now U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations), was also aware of this. Sources said 11 Yue 30 , at a secret conference room the US Consulate in Toronto, the US Justice Department senior official told her the matter in detail.

  To guide the active participation of local residents, experts and scholars, enterprises, and social organizations in the establishment, construction, operation, management, and supervision of national parks, as well as in areas such as ecological protection, nature education, and scientific research. Encourage local residents or their companies to participate in franchise projects in national parks.tethered drone price