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Therefore, the specific strategy adopted by "Honor of Kings" is: It adopts the operation mode of double roulette and locking. Although it involves infringement, it is indeed an operation mode that is very suitable for novice users. Ordinary attacks do not need to select a target, just click Just click, because it will automatically attack the nearest target, and whether it is a pointing skill or a non-targeting skill, you don't need to select a target, just click it, because it will automatically select the enemy within the range, compared to mobile games For the point-and-click mode of "Vanity" and the non-pointing skills of "League of Legends", it is very suitable for novice players to get started; the purchase of equipment is simplified, no need to return to the city, no need to know which equipment you should buy, or even to open the equipment Store, the system directly presents the currently recommended available equipment to the player, all the player has to do is to click on it, eliminating the anxiety of novice players when faced with a large amount of unknown equipment information; cancel the fog of war, because it is unlikely for novice players to understand What is "Plug Eye", it is even more impossible to make good use of "Plug Eye", a very important function on the PC side, so "Honor of Kings" directly cancels the "Plug Eye" function, just for the sake of Considered by novice users; provide quick chat methods such as tags, voices and preset sentences to simplify the communication cost between players; the number of skills is simplified. Compared with the QWERDF of "League of Legends", "Honor of Kings" has only three One hero skill and two general skills, one of which is a blood recovery skill in a non-combat state, further reduces the number of players returning to the city, thereby speeding up the rhythm of the game; remove the crystal setting in "League of Legends", further shortening the game In addition to the strategies listed above, there are a lot of small functions to reduce the difficulty of entry for novices, so I won't list them all here, but I want to emphasize that "Honor of Kings" only reduces the difficulty of entry. It is just the entry difficulty for beginners. It is still a game that is highly similar to "League of Legends". It does not reduce the core gameplay and operation requirements of MOBA games. It completely retains the 5V5 mode and the diversity of heroes. The game map Nothing has changed significantly, it's still a game that requires control and teamwork, and it's still expanding its playability through hero diversity.tethering medicine,For a fixed channel, it is more inclined to product operation. In addition to steadily carrying out work similar to activities at a rhythm, it is more important to analyze daily data, analyze problems from changes in various indicators, and obtain optimization plans. Carry out planned optimization and improvement of the second and third editions.