The Chinese embassy in Madagascar reminds Chinese citizens to strictly abide by laws and regulations in transnational marriages involving Madagascar and take necessary precautions, including:ethereum price slump,  According to the ban, open burning of straw, leaves and other produce smoke and dust pollution agricultural and forestry residues, by the district department of agriculture in rural areas to make corrections, and at 500 more than yuan 2000 fine yuan; illegal burning of electronic waste, linoleum, rubber, plastics, leather, asphalt, garbage and other toxic and harmful, odorous substances or other strong odors shall be ordered by the administrative department in charge of comprehensive law enforcement districts corrections for units at 1 yuan more than 10 fine yuan, individuals at 500 more than yuan 2000 Those who refuse to accept or severely impede the supervision and management of straw and garbage from burning and banning from performing their official duties shall be punished by the public security organs in accordance with relevant regulations; if a crime is constituted, they shall be transferred to the judicial organs for related criminal responsibilities according to law.

  Faced with a rising China, European countries really need to think hard about what kind of mentality they should use to interact with China.ethereum price slump