In March 2011, South Beauty submitted an A-share listing application to the China Securities Regulatory Commission, but in January 2012, the China Securities Regulatory Commission announced the termination of the review.tethered underwater drone,First of all, the first question is why the equity transfer is carried out? There are five reasons for this: 1. The fund cycle is short, and the LP pushes the pressure; 2. The IPO M&A exit time cycle is long, and there are policy risks; 3. The founder sells old shares to improve their lives; 4. For angel investors, because they enter the company earlier, the return will be higher when they exit after a certain level. At this time, we recommend exiting in time; 5. For investment institutions to come Said that when the strategic direction of investment centers and funds changes, the project portfolio needs to be adjusted.

  (As shown in the picture, the picture is from the official website of CDH Investment) In other words, CDH PE and CDH Venture Capital, the two core businesses of CDH Investment, have now been transformed into PE investment, innovation and growth investment, Let us interpret other businesses such as real estate investment, mezzanine and credit investment one by one: PE investment, innovation and growth investment needless to say, have always been the traditional and old businesses of CDH Investments.tethered underwater drone