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  Last night, the "Global Post" reporter showed us his ability to "see pictures and compile news": he found the logo on the "Atango" jacket in the 1986 edition of "Aspiring Ling 1 " The U.S. military badge with the Japanese flag and Taiwan's "blue sky, white, red ground" flag was replaced in the "Aspiring Lingyun 2 " with the U.S. military badge without these two flags, so he immediately concluded that the Chinese government interfered in the movie in conclusion.managed code meaning,

  Opening my eyes in the middle of the night, trying to widen my pupils, trying to see the root cause of my fear, but on this dark night, everything is just futile. The air was empty and lonely, sweat dripped on the mat and soaked my clothes, and I breathed hard, as if I would stop breathing in the next moment, unable to tremble, and groping for light for salvation in the dark. When the light revisited every corner of the room, I curled up in the corner, looked up at the empty room, and my lonely shadow.managed code meaning