"The property market is given too many expectations, but it is far less powerful." Li Yujia, a researcher at Shenzhen Real Estate Research Center, believes that there are signs that Shenzhen's high-end purchasing power may not be so capricious.Projects that make money at home,  With the rise of the bonus system, reverse, overweight counter-cyclical policies and the Chinese economy toughness intensive short period of strength, which determines the 2020 China's economic slowdown rate will be narrowed, do not have to 2020 China's economy overly pessimistic, government There is no need to take 'Bao 6 ' as our macro-control target, and do not lose our strategic will because of 'Bao 6 ', "said Liu Yuanchun.

  After graduating from Shandong Normal University majoring in computer science, Xu Qun first worked in the Shandong Academy of Sciences for two years, then entered Jinan Baitong Information Industry Co., Ltd. and spent 6 years as the general manager from the staff.Projects that make money at home