usdt wallet transfer fee,  Every morning when I get up to read a book, I actually can't see it. I'm thinking of classic dialogues on the Internet. Oh, pat it and look at the time. It's 12 o'clock, dizzy! It ’s time to learn so fast, hey, I ’ve come to a familiar place again, and a familiar netizen, huh, open the chat box and say love, love, and annoyance, do you really love? "Say I miss you, I love you, it's uncomfortable if you don't see it in a day," cut anything, after all, the Internet is false, who dare to guarantee that it will not go bad, and say that it is too fake to say that love has never been seen before. I simply do n’t accept the responsibility for love, but in reality I have to be hurt to avoid another passion in the Internet. Saying “his” to “her” is a pity that only people have changed, saying “I will treat you well, no Will hurt you, I love you so much

usdt wallet transfer fee