Regarding the main features of the document, Yang Chunguang said that the first is to pilot first and cover the whole province. By the end of 2020 , 3-5 pilot pilots will be established in Changchun and Jilin cities, and 1-2 pilot pilot pilots will be established in other cities and prefectures, which will be in line with the actual Jilin Province and have demonstration effects. Province, to further meet the needs of infant care services for people of childbearing age. The second is to explore the establishment of a childcare service integration model that conforms to the actual situation of Jilin Province. Encourage the support of qualified kindergartens to open childcare classes to recruit 2-3 year olds; encourage independent childcare service institutions to set up nursery classes, small childcare classes and large childcare classes to recruit infants under 3 years of age; employers are encouraged The number of employees of the unit runs a nursery school alone or jointly with the host community to provide employees with child care services for children under 3 years of age. The third is to establish a priority land use protection mechanism. Incorporate land for infant and child care services and facilities in land and space planning at all levels, consider the annual land use plan as a whole, and give priority to protection. The fourth is zero tolerance for child abuse. In the development of childcare services, various types of childcare institutions have zero tolerance for child abuse and other behaviors, and include the information about the credibility of relevant responsible persons and market entities into the provincial social credit comprehensive service platform, and implement lifelong treatment for relevant individuals and direct management personnel. No entry. Fifth, implementation of rating evaluation and dynamic management. The health and health department strictly complies with the level evaluation standards of the nursery service institutions formulated by the state, and regularly organizes comprehensive evaluation of the nursery service institutions, implements dynamic management, and the evaluation results are regularly announced to the society.Ethereum Miner Earnings,

  Since the beginning of this year, the Hebei Provincial Department of Finance has fully implemented the support policy for pig breeding and actively coordinated the support of relevant funds. It has coordinated and distributed various financial funds of 861 million yuan, which has strongly supported the stable production and supply of pigs. Among them, the central and provincial animal epidemic prevention subsidies were allocated 598 million yuan and the African swine fever prevention and control subsidy fund was 110 million yuan; the pigs were transferred to 133 million yuan from large counties , and 21 pigs were transferred from large counties in time.Ethereum Miner Earnings