According to the arrangements for the national examination, directly-affiliated agencies at or below the county (district) level in hard and remote areas (including the management unit with reference to the Civil Service Law), in accordance with the requirements of the "Opinions on Doing a Good Job in the Examination and Approval of Basic-Level Civil Servants in Hard and Remote Areas" 5. Relaxation of professional conditions, unrestricted working years and experience, separate delineation of passing scores for written examinations, etc., and appropriate reduction of entry rate dollar to naira 2015,  The reporter learned that the three sponsors are all national food quality inspection centers. Among them, Beijing Food Safety Monitoring and Risk Assessment Center is an affiliate of the National Food Quality and Safety Supervision and Inspection Center, Tianjin Food Safety Testing Technology Research Institute is a supporting unit of the National Processed Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and Hebei Food Inspection and Research Institute is a national fruit Units for quality supervision and inspection centers of similar and agricultural and sideline processed products. All three institutions are of the first-class level in the domestic food inspection and testing industry. They are not only responsible for local food regulatory technical support work, but also for food safety supervision and random inspection of the State Administration of Market Supervision and National Leading Analysis Tasks.

  According to the overall positioning of the Shijingshan National Industrial Demonstration Zone for Industrial Transformation and Development, the green and low-carbon western integrated service area, and the ecological and livable demonstration zone for the integration of landscape and culture, the zoning plan focuses on "City and Park" and "City and City" The three major relationships of "Shanshui City" have established the development goals of the construction of innovation and leadership, ecological livability, regional synergy, integration of multiculturalism, integration of mountains and rivers, integration of industry and city development, and integration of the western gate of the capital city with international rate dollar to naira 2015