After the accident, the deputy secretary of the Tongliao Municipal Party Committee and mayor Hao Maorong rushed to the hospital to visit the injured and guide the rescue work. The main party and government leaders of Kezuohou Banner and the heads of the relevant departments of the city and the flag rushed to the scene to organize rescue.bitcoin cash use case,

  According to China's "Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Law", animal epidemic prevention agencies and disease prevention and control agencies shall promptly notify each other of the epidemic situation of zoonotic infectious diseases and related information between animals and humans. Relevant departments of the people's government, disease prevention and control institutions, medical institutions, blood collection and supply institutions, and their staff members who have the responsibility of reporting infectious diseases must not conceal, misreport, or postpone reporting of infectious diseases. In addition, information on the spread of infectious diseases should be timely and accurate.bitcoin cash use case