The people who wrote this letter are a group of madmen who are obsessed with extreme geopolitical games. They are completely detached from the realities of the times when countries in the world are pursuing peaceful development. . What they have to do is to stop any efforts by China and the United States to mitigate their conflicts in order to avoid strategic conflicts and thoroughly implement the strategic confrontation between China and the United States. Because once there is no Sino-U.S. Confrontation in the future world, they will be strangled and lonely as if they fell on the barren Mars.How to make money in bitcoin,  [ People's micro-review: Hong Kong can no longer mess up ] The national emblem is stained, and the ancestors are forgotten. Is this Hong Kong? !! The impact on the institutions in Hong Kong is an impact on national sovereignty and a blatant provocation against one country, two systems. It is neither lawless nor lawful. Do you still have a sense of homeland and the spirit of the rule of law? It's intolerable. The mob that harms the country and the port must be vigorously condemned and severely punished. Protect Hong Kong and say "No" to violence!

  During the implementation of the "last mile" project, Chinese enterprises can create more than 400 jobs during peak periods , and attach great importance to the skills training of local employees. Zeng Shaopeng introduced that the project is fully authorized, and local employees play an important role in project communication, user coordination, material management, etc., and have contributed an important force to the smooth progress of the project. "Helping local employment and fully meeting local needs is an important reason for us to win the trust of the government and the people." Zeng Shaopeng said.How to make money in bitcoin