In this world, it is not the loudspeaker who holds the truth. Who are the main providers of subsidies? Some people take it for granted that they are overwhelmed by the noise of the so-called huge subsidies provided by China. But is this true? wrong! Let me just give an example. According to the University of St. Gallen's "Global Trade Alert" database, in May 2019 , 45% of US non-agricultural imports need to compete with companies receiving US state subsidies. These subsidies include financial assistance, state loans, taxation and social insurance deductions. The above data are calculated based on domestic subsidies provided to the manufacturing industry, excluding agricultural subsidies and export incentives, otherwise the trade data affected will be much larger. What is China's number? 23.9% is 53% of the United States . So who is the largest subsidizer in the world?cryptocurrency kol,

  Liu Dewei, deputy director of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, spoke on behalf of the Central Military Commission.cryptocurrency kol