Yiyu Wanhe, which is next to Jinyue Mansion, also launched a similar listing, with a price of 3.86 million yuan / set for a two-bedroom apartment of 85 square meters . At present, the products for sale in the project are three- and four-bedrooms with 85 to 135 square meters. The model room of the four-house product “Yi Gongguan” was opened to the public recently, with an average price of 55016 yuan / square meter. The unit price of the special room is only 45,000 yuan / square meter, the price difference reaches 10,000 yuan, and the discount is really not small. Mr. Li, a buyer who came to "pick up", told reporters that "a set has been made, a bit far away, and I definitely rarely come to live, but I am optimistic about the new airport, but I still bought it." He also expressed hidden concerns, "Now the price is lowered at the end of the year Great, I bought it two months ago, or it was early. Now I just hope that the opening of the new airport will promote the development of the industry. "Bitcoin Mining Official Platform,  11 Yue 26 days, a period of Hong Kong members of the opposition in the streets of the newly elected District members of the public questioned the video circulated on the Internet. In the video, Xu Yixuan, a newly elected constituency member of the Sham Shui Po Happiness Constituency, was repeatedly asked by Hong Kong citizens that the street signs would affect the city appearance. What should I do? Xu Yixuan always supported and did not give a positive answer.

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