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  Some Hong Kong media commented that the Hong Kong economy was hit hard by internal and external factors. Among them, the retail, catering, and tourism industries were the first to enter the cold winter. The rest of the industry also had a downward trend. There were major warnings in the Hong Kong economy. Faced with the downside risks to the economy, the SAR government stated that it would not tighten spending because of a deficit, but would more actively launch relief measures to help SMEs, which is a good thing to send charcoal in the snow. Some media comments pointed out that there is no doubt that Hong Kong's economy is in an extremely difficult period. Judging from the four consecutive rounds of relief measures issued by the SAR government, the SAR government is trying to mobilize resources to open up the dilemma. However, bail-out is only an emergency measure, and stopping violence is the way to stop bleeding. All sectors of society must work together to stop violence.evm on solana,