Ethereum Miner Ranking,  Police believe that the two remote-control bomb cases were related to the "Dragon Squad". After making the heavier HMTD remote-control bomb, they were afraid to put it in their place of residence, fearing that it would explode and kill themselves, so they stole it. The secluded slope transported to the base of Hu Yingxiang Hall in Huaren College was temporarily stored, and it was intended to be sent out for use on the day of the parade, and there was another conspiracy to shoot police officers and marchers and marry the police team. Fortunately, the police arrested several members of the "Dragon Squad" in a timely manner on the same day, and seized a large number of weapons such as semi-automatic pistols and hundreds of hollow bullets, which made the mob's plan to abort. Police are now tracing other members of the Dragon Squad and do not rule out more arrests.

  The square connects Monsourie Park and Reyes Avenue, and this secret cobblestone road entrance is easy to miss. The houses here are the most exquisite buildings in Paris, decorated with mosaics and stained glass. Many houses are covered with ivy. In summer, the small gardens are lush and the streets are like a forest path.Ethereum Miner Ranking