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  In my opinion, the difference between Ambassador Shay and me is not whether the WTO rules should be modified , but basically I do not accept the logic that the United States has been trying to establish, that is, the source of the current tension in international trade relations is the so-called China China's non-market economy system and distorted industrial subsidy policies must further target China by formulating multilateral rules. In my opinion, in the past few decades, the most important objective conditions for developing countries, including China, to participate in economic globalization and integrate into global value chains are the development and dissemination of science and technology, and the adjustment of the industrial layout of multinational companies. The importance of developing countries in formulating their own development strategies and implementing related industrial policies lies in seizing the opportunities to integrate into global value chains and creating the necessary conditions for such integration. As a result of being at the lower end of the global value chain, the benefits and impact on developing countries of developing countries are unbalanced and asymmetrical compared to developed countries. Developing countries' support for their industries is reasonable and legitimate, but they have shortcomings in their support capabilities. Compared with developed countries, the role and effect of support is limited, and China is no exception. The intensification of social conflicts in some developed countries is, in the final analysis, due to the failure of the governments of these countries to make the necessary domestic policy adjustments in the process of economic globalization, which really helps those who are in trouble. The root cause of the current crisis in the multilateral trading system is that some people have adopted unilateralist measures in order to pass on domestic contradictions, but for no other reason. Therefore, the first and most urgent task of WTO reform is to resist trade protectionism, maintain the basic principles and core values ??of the WTO , and maintain the operation of its basic functions, but not anything else.Mining machine purchase platform,  They said that the source of infection was experimental mice, and they were skeptical because the infected people came from different teams and grades, some had contacted the mice, some hadn't contacted them, and some hadn't done experiments.

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