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  Lou Yangsheng said that Comrade Luo Huining is firm in politics, rich in experience, rigorous in dealing with people, and generous in dealing with others. He is good at directing direction, planning big things, and good at creative work. He is good at grasping the team, leading teams, and has the courage to take responsibility. A lot of effort has been devoted and a lot of fruitful work has been done. Three and a half years ago, when Comrade Hui Ning came to work in Shanxi from Qinghai, it was a crucial period when Shanxi's political ecology was struggling to manage its roots in chaos and its economic development was moving forward in a downward trend. For more than three years, under the correct leadership of the Provincial Party Committee with Comrade Huining as the squad leader, the entire province has continued to strictly and strictly manage the party and the party in accordance with the "one guide, two hard-line" working ideas and requirements, and the fight against corruption is taking shape. The overwhelming victory was achieved on the basis of the high-pressure situation, significant achievements were made in the transformation of the resource-based economy, major breakthroughs were made in the reform of key areas, decisive results were achieved in the three major battles, and the comprehensive reform of the energy revolution began smoothly. People ’s living standards continued to improve, and the quality of the ecological environment was significantly improved. On the basis of the "two transfers," the work in all aspects of the province has continuously expanded the new situation, laying an important foundation for Shanxi's future development and various undertakings, and standing on a new starting point. Among them, Comrade Hui Ning played an important role as the secretary of the provincial party committee and made important contributions! Here, I propose that we pay tribute to Comrade Hui Ning with warm applause! At the same time, I also take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the old leaders and comrades who have worked hard for Shanxi's development, and to the cadres and the masses who have contributed to the province's reform, development, stability and party building. Just now, Comrade Hui Ning's important speech fully reflected the deep feelings of the Shanxi people and fully expressed his deep expectations for the high-quality transformation and development of Shanxi. We were deeply moved. Comrade Hui Ning no longer holds the main leadership position of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee due to his age. However, Comrade Hui Ning's firm political stance, solid theoretical literacy, pragmatic work style, and rich leadership experience are worthy of our good learning. I sincerely wish Comrade Hui Ning work, health and good luck in his new leadership position! It is hoped that in his new leadership position, Comrade Hui Ning will, as always, care and support the development of various undertakings in Shanxi, and will, as always, care and support the work of the provincial party committee and government.tether line in Chinese,  1 . Gasoline 1.52 yuan / liter

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