Second, the level of organ transplantation technology has been continuously improved. China's organ transplantation operation technology has been continuously improved and innovated, and some of them have reached the world advanced level. Organ transplants that have been carried out internationally have been carried out in China, and some organ transplant technologies have achieved breakthroughs, leading the world. Such as: autologous liver transplantation technology, non-ischemic liver transplantation technology; surgical robots to complete allogeneic kidney transplantation have begun clinical application, and gradually spread; children's liver transplantation technology is leading the world. At the same time, in terms of organ maintenance and acquisition of technical capabilities, life support technologies have been widely used, and organ preservation technologies have made breakthroughs. Relevant hospitals and units have actively developed organ extracorporeal mechanical perfusion repair techniques and equipment to keep pace with foreign countries.bitcoin cash sv (bchsv),

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