Experts believe that for some low- and middle-income earners, if the annual one-time bonus is incorporated into the current salary and salaries, after deducting basic deductions, special deductions, and special additional deductions, they may not need to pay taxes or pay very little. Taxes. In this case, if the one-time bonus for the whole year is calculated separately, it will instead generate tax payables or increase the tax burden. At the same time, if the one-year bonus policy is applied separately, the “critical point” of sudden increase in tax burden may occur when the tax rate is shifted.ethereum cryptocurrency history,  Zheng Zhizhi (WeChat ID : upolitics ) noted that the "loyal and courageous society" mentioned by Deng Bingqiang was the new slogan of the Hong Kong Police Force. On the day Deng Bingqiang stepped on his new post, the media discovered that the police had followed the slogan of "service-oriented excellence" for 24 years and changed it to "loyal, courageous, and committed to society." On the same day, new slogans have been put on the back panel of the Hong Kong Police Force website and the press conference site.