There is a slight trend in Hong Kong society, but some people are still reluctant to "stop."solana foundation members,  After repeated inspections, members of the inspection team made clear their identities and held discussions with the relevant local authorities and town and town leaders. The inspections revealed that “the promotion of simplification of the work, the quality of the toilets are not strictly controlled, and the supervision of the toilets’ construction units is weak ” Such issues were reflected face to face. For the problems found in the inspection, the Suining County People's Government and relevant departments and units attached great importance to it, saying that they should collect all the documents, implement reforms, and promptly carry out "look back" on rural toilet reform. The inspection team reports the rectification.

  "Say 'tune' by case", Liu Zhenyu really used a case first and started teaching. This also set the main tone of the field-"ground gas."solana foundation members