What made the "smoke card" all the rage was the merchant's own "small abacus." "Cigarette cards" can only be used at designated card issuers. Batch card issuance not only can accumulate a large amount of prepaid funds, but also has a higher profit than direct sales of cigarettes. At a tobacco hotel in Tianning District, Changzhou City, Mr. Zhao, who has been a long-time tobacco and alcohol business, told reporters: "Because there is a certain handling fee when redeeming cash, there is a difference between the card application and the refund, and the cash refund is generally no higher than nine 50% off, the merchant has a difference of 5% -10% to earn. If you encounter card loss, expiration, etc., it is equivalent to making a fortune. "waveshare xc3s500e,

  Among them, the “Case Bulletin” column disclosed that the State Administration of Press and Publication had issued six administrative punishment decisions within 2019 : the International Commercial News Agency had its publishing license for China International Finance published, and two reporters from the magazine “Red” The journalist's card was revoked or cancelled, and it was included in the record of unscrupulous behaviors in news editing and editing; Economic Vision, Market Information News Agency, China Reform News Agency, and Inner Mongolia Broadcasting and Television Station were suspended from issuing the unit's journalist card.waveshare xc3s500e