Among the Russian graduates hired by Huawei this year, some got an annual salary of 15 million rubles (about 1.65 million yuan). Huawei's Japanese branch also offers higher starting salaries to graduates than other large companies. According to Huawei introduced, 2020 in the spring of science and engineering graduate students in the first year salary of about 40 million yen ( 1 Wan yen about 642 yuan), master's degree graduates about 43 million yen, Research Positions will reach 45 Wan JPY.usdt contract address okex,  In order to facilitate the public's awareness of garbage classification and avoid confusion of concepts, the revised "Regulations" further simplify the garbage classification standards, and integrate the two types of kitchen waste and food waste into one category of kitchen waste. The four basic categories of food waste, recyclables, hazardous waste, and other waste.