USDT Mining Project,  Not all luxury homes are not easy to sell. 11 Yue 28 , located in front of the sea Merchants collar seal the opening, after 4.5 hours, the 456 houses sold out, the average price of 10.8 Wan / square meter.

  Do you listen to the BBC 's "Today" news program? Only two or three people? I heard that the number of listeners is shrinking, but I didn't expect it to be so serious. One thing I can't stand them is that they don't live in the present at all, but live in the past. All the anchors know nothing about China. I don't understand. If you haven't been to China or studied China, how can you make a program about China? We seem to live in an age when the international community is equal to the western society, and international public opinion is equal to the age of the western public opinion. How can this be done? If you want to study the rest of the world, especially the developing countries, then you should understand China's perspective and understand the real situation in the local area, not content with western self-anaesthesia. It is difficult for a declining country or region to face and understand the new reality, because they are accustomed to thinking in the old paradigm, and then slowly get away from reality. The problem for the West now is that it has lost sight of the big picture. The West used to have a holistic view and even tried to manage the world. There were many plans for the future of the world, but when the West was in decline, it became a prisoner of history in a sense and couldn't understand the current trend.USDT Mining Project