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  It is understood that the applicant Chi Mou and Duan Mou registered for marriage in October 2018. Due to emotional discord, Chi Mou sued the court for divorce this year, but due to Duan Mou's refusal to cooperate with the court to serve the documents and he did not show up. Helplessly had to withdraw the lawsuit. 11 Yue 18 days later than in Beijing had rented a place with a segment of a quarrel occurred due to problems such as marital property, was beaten and his entourage of a segment.bitcoin sv blockchain,  Chen Maobo pointed out that the United States has huge economic and other interests in Hong Kong, and has been earning a substantial trade surplus in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has been the single economy with the highest trade surplus in the United States in the past 10 years . Last year alone, it had exceeded US $ 33 billion. In addition, there are currently more than 1,300 US companies based in Hong Kong , many of which are regional headquarters. Therefore, the SAR government believes that the US government should be cautious to avoid harming the interests of both parties.

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