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  Hu Zhongxiong said that Changsha ’s happiness stems from a unique cultural environment. The Yuelu Mountains, the Xiangjiang River, and the Huxiang culture are fused with each other, and the Huxiang spirit that is worried about the world and dares to be the first is passed down to the present day; Efforts will be made to promote the construction of "one circle, two fields and three roads", and closely focus on 15 elements such as "food, food, housing, shopping, education, sports, health, toilets for old and young stations, etc." with public service products to upgrade the happiness of ordinary people at their doorsteps ; Adhere to the "no housing and speculation" policy, implement the strictest real estate regulation and control policy, and keep the house prices within the expected range, with a house price-to-income ratio of 6.4 , the lowest for 50 key cities in China ; strive to build the most complete and intelligent ecological transportation system We will comprehensively promote the construction of sidewalks, bicycle paths, historical and cultural trails, and fitness trails to make life easier for ordinary people.Ethereum money making products