Previous rounds of township merge, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and other provinces will be downsizing, improve administrative efficiency as a core objective of the reform of administrative divisions townships, Sulu Zhejiang provinces average reduction ratio mechanism of 20% or more, the ratio of staff to streamline super 40% .Ethereum Airdrop Project,

  The court heard that the defendant, Mai Weibin, took the initiative to explain to the supervisory authority the fact that he used his position to seek benefits for others and received bribes from others before the supervisory authority officially opened an investigation into the case. His own crime constitutes surrender in accordance with law. Before the case, Mai Weibin took the initiative to return the bribes of more than RMB 3.34 million to some bribes, and the relevant bribes have turned in the bribes to the legal temporary debit account. At this point, the bribes received by Mai Weibin can be fully recovered, and their punishments will be reduced according to law.Ethereum Airdrop Project