Beyond the four levels of education punishment, the Rules clearly stipulate prohibited actions in the process of implementing education punishment. For example: hitting, stabbing, exceeding the limit of punishment, repeated copying, abusive, discriminatory insults, etc. These corporal punishments that cause physical and psychological harm to students are prohibited items. It can be seen that any corporal punishment or disguised corporal punishment that directly or indirectly harms students is not allowed, and the "rule rule" method in the traditional education concept has been excluded from modern education punishment. In addition, punishment of all students for violations of laws and discipline by individuals or a few people is also included in the prohibition. This "strain-connected" method, which is not uncommon in daily education, is unfair to most students who observe discipline. This time it was banned explicitly, reflecting the fairness, fairness and purpose of education.USDT Mining Tutorial,

  On October 29 , the party group of China Post Group Corporation held a meeting and announced that Guo Xinshuang was appointed as a member of the party group and deputy general manager of China Post Group Co., Ltd. Previously, Guo Xinshuang served as executive director, deputy general manager, and member of the Party Committee of China Export Credit Insurance Corporation. He has long worked for China Development Bank. Guo Xinshuang is expected to become the postal bank president.USDT Mining Tutorial