From the development path of the Wei Zexi incident, we can see that his incident experience is: Wei Zexi knew about it personally, which triggered discussions among users on the Zhihu platform, which exploded huge influence, which in turn caused social media to monitor follow-up reports, and Baidu fell into The crisis of public opinion and response to rectification and reflection finally allowed the implementation of the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising", which has been drafted for several years, so that Internet advertising is no longer a gray area, and began to be on the right track with laws to abide by.Mining machine purchase platform,For a fixed channel, it is more inclined to product operation. In addition to steadily carrying out work similar to activities at a rhythm, it is more important to analyze daily data, analyze problems from changes in various indicators, and obtain optimization plans. Carry out planned optimization and improvement of the second and third editions.

After the design draft is finalized, the general direction cannot be changed, but local text content can be modified. As a corporate display website, it is more important to design without too many complex functions. Many later front-end interaction effects and background management functions will be planned in advance in the design stage. Go in, otherwise it will be rework to modify the design draft later.Mining machine purchase platform