"The ability of middle school students to climb the head of Hong Kong in Macau", Hong Kong's "Oriental Daily" reported on the 4th that PISA was planned by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD ) and was conducted every 3 years to assess the ability of 15 -year-old students. A total of 79 countries or economies participated in this session . Data Center at Chinese University of Hong Kong Education commissioned last 4-5 between month, randomly selected 152 secondary schools, more than 6000 Ming 15 -year-olds were tested to assess their native language reading, mathematics and science literacy. On the 3rd , the research results released simultaneously showed that Hong Kong ranked fourth in terms of mother tongue reading ability, a drop of two points from the previous time, and the score dropped from 527 points to 524 points. In terms of mathematical ability, Hong Kong ranked fourth. , The score rose from 548 to 551 ; in terms of scientific ability, Hong Kong ranked ninth, while the score fell slightly to 517 , 27 points lower than Macau and the lowest score since 2000 . The report specifically mentioned that the first and second middle school students from the Mainland and Singapore all left Hong Kong students in the reading, math and science abilities ranging from more than 20 points to more than 70 points. Macao students also fully pressed in the above three scores. Hong Kong students, successfully entered the top three.usdt btc pair,  Original Title: [ Jin Yun's Concern ] Students from Lanzhou Institute of Animal Science