Reality: There are rumors that radish is antidote and cannot be eaten with drugs. Ruan Guangfeng said that this is a typical "unnecessary" rumor. What exactly is an antidote is completely unexplainable. In fact, the rumors are very clever use of the public's psychology of "being credible and not credible", causing the public to panic. However, there are some foods that cannot be taken with certain drugs. For example, the US FDA has issued a reminder that alcohol cannot be taken with cephalosporins and grapefruit cannot be taken with some drugs that lower blood pressure and cholesterol.USDT Mining Tutorial,  In July 2018 , with the consent of the State Council, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the "Approval for Consent to Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region's Cancellation of Lipu County to Establish County-level Lipu City", agreeing to cancel Lipu County and establish county-level Lipu City, with the original Lipu County Is the administrative area of ??Lipu City. Lipu is under the direct jurisdiction of the autonomous region and is hosted by Guilin.