The market is full of fakes, "I was particularly impressed. At that time, Zhou Xingchi's "Yangtze River No. 7", the Qizi, we cooperated with the original version for more than 700 yuan, and the stall at our door sold it for more than 7 yuan, exactly the same.Projects that make money at home,Since the post-90s generation has become a new force in cultural and entertainment consumption, the characteristics they possess are also worthy of the attention of the entertainment industry.

In addition, the taste of pre-mixed wine does not seem to be suitable for the public. Many people who have drunk it complained: Aside from the gorgeous coats such as advertising endorsements and the label of following the trend, do you really think that the pre-mixed wine is delicious? The promotion of the pre-mixed wine manufacturer seems to be It also confirms this point. Each company promotes its own brand slogan, packaging bottle and application scene in the advertisement, shaping itself into a certain popular symbol, but rarely talks about the product craftsmanship and taste.Projects that make money at home