Now the WeChat index has also come out, and I can't be idle in the WeChat group to study the algorithm of the WeChat index with my friends. A great master in the group came up with the WeChat index algorithm: Data used: total number of readings R , the total number of likes Z, the number of published articles N, the current highest reading number Rmax of the account, and the highest number of likes Zmax of the account.managed service delivery model ppt,Source: Lu Songsong's blog, welcome to share, (QQ/WeChat: 13340454) document.writeln('Follow entrepreneurship, e-commerce, webmasters, scan the WeChat QR code of A5 Entrepreneurship Network, and regularly draw prizes.

In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, fuel vehicles are not encouraged by the government, while more environmentally friendly new energy vehicles are quite popular.managed service delivery model ppt