At a previous press conference, Yu Weiguo stated publicly: "As required by General Secretary Xi Jinping, he will benefit Taiwan compatriots as he serves the Chinese people."How to make money with ETH,

  Judging from the deployment in various places, the format of the night economy is very rich. According to the deployment of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in the near future, Beijing citizens and tourists may be able to participate in night-time canteen food festivals, lighting festivals and other night themes in Sanlitun, Blue Harbor, World Trade Tianjie landmarks and commercial districts. Activities; or you can participate in "Yejingcheng" cultural and leisure activities with dramatic themes such as opera, cross talk, film, opera, music, and reading. Shanghai will introduce and cultivate night-time cultural and artistic projects such as immersive dramas, musicals, song and dance dramas, and maintain an inclusive and prudent attitude towards night-time cultural and entertainment formats such as late-night theaters, late-night bookstores, music clubs, and resident shows, and actively develop Pujiang night tours and museum nights And other diversified urban night tours.How to make money with ETH