The reporter learned from the State Administration of Taxation that the State Administration of Taxation recently released the "Special Additional Deduction Policy to Continue to Enjoy the" Seven Reminders "", explaining the seven common problems that continue to enjoy the operation of the individual additional tax deduction in 2020 . If there is no change in personal special additional deduction information, employment and employment information and the situation in 2019 , there is no need to handle confirmation of special additional deduction information in 2020 , which will greatly facilitate the majority of taxpayers.How to make money with ETH,  The Chinese Football Association has indeed issued a document on "suspending the signing" to the clubs, because in the new policy at the end of the year, provisions related to the player's maximum salary will be introduced.

  The shocking conspiracy deployed by the "Dragon Squad" was to plan a shooting at a police officer to trigger a gun battle, causing a chaotic situation of bullets flying, and then shooting and killing marching citizens to marry the police; Bao also bought bullet-proof vests for self-defense, and planned to send knives, sticks, and pepper spray to members, and dressed as plain-clothes police yesterday to attack marchers and even men in black to confuse the audiovisual police.How to make money with ETH