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  It adopts dual-camera common reference high stability installation and adjustment technology, and the width reaches 40km with a resolution of 0.75 meters .tethered or untethered,

  The consultation draft divided the disciplinary measures into three levels according to their strength: general punishment, heavier punishment, and severe punishment. Corresponding to the different levels of "bear content" for bear children, from roll-call criticism, punishment of standing walls, cleaning, parental reading, suspension, suspension of school, and transfer within a specified period of time, you can clearly see the steps and slopes. For example, "heavier punishment" corresponds to "students who violated school rules and discipline, the plot is heavier or refused to be corrected through on-site education punishment", and "severe punishment" corresponds to "students who violated rules and regulations, behaved improperly, and did not change repeatedly, or Those that seriously affect the order of education and teaching, or have bad plots such as bullying students and abusing and beating teachers. " Such classified policies are conducive to teachers in specific teaching affairs, as shown in the figure, seated on the right, and have strong operability. After all, today's bear children have more and more ideas, and more and more "fouls". In addition, the educational environment is becoming more and more complicated. Can the punishment measures be detailed?tethered or untethered