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  According to Jiang Yigao, general manager of the China-Turkey Nigeria Company, the Jiaotong University project is a supporting project of the Nigerian Railway Modernization Project currently undertaken by China-Turkey, which will help Nigeria to build a West African railway transportation center. China-Turkey Group will deliver high-quality university campuses to Nigeria on time, and cooperate with universities on some courses to help improve the quality of teaching and provide students with practical opportunities.dogecoin mining in pc,

  2017 Nian 6 months, Lou Yangsheng attend the province's enterprises to invest in pilot projects to implement the commitment made to emphasize the absence of approval management pilot project will promote change after the first batch built for the first built after the inspection, prior approval to change something in regulation after the service, change The department's examination and approval is controlled by corporate credit constraints, and the “six most” business environment has been continuously created. "The environment is competitiveness and the environment is productivity." Lou Yangsheng said.dogecoin mining in pc