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  The relevant person in charge of the State Press and Publication Administration pointed out that as an important form of literary and art publishing, online literature must conscientiously implement the spirit of a series of important directives of General Secretary Xi Jinping on literary and artistic creation. Dedicated to the people, insist on leading the fashion with Mingde, sing the main theme, and spread positive energy. Recently, the competent authorities have strengthened the supervision of online literature. Most key websites have actively implemented management requirements, focused on improving content management, and overall quality has improved. However, some websites are still full of vulgar titles or pictures. Some websites deliberately induce users with suggestive, provocative, and stimulating content in some novels; some websites have columns of "Recommended by the editor" and "Hot Sale on the entire network". Works with similar promotion models and ridiculous plots; some websites carry out “rich overnight” essay campaigns to promote money worship and hedonism; some websites use platform drainage and use live chat tools to spread obscene pornography in order to avoid platform content censorship. These issues have corrupted the industry, hurt the interests of readers, and produced a bad social impact. In response to this, the State Press and Publication Administration will work with relevant departments to investigate and deal with it seriously, further rectify it, and strive to create a clear cyberspace.How to make money from miners,

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