The former director of the Real Estate Administration of Fujin City, Fei Qun, had a problem with relatives and friends in the assignment of low-rent housing.waveshare xilinx,  In a follow-up meeting, Fan Pula also announced that the forum will launch a one-year, China-focused initiative. He said that the forum will consult with experts in related fields to develop a strategy document, which will be announced at next year's meeting.

  The investigation found that in addition to receiving "benefit fees" from Chen, Mai Weibin also sought benefits for others in other aspects of project contracting, project funding allocation, promotion of company officials, and promotion of positions. 2000 Year Zhi 2017 Between Jimmy Wei Bin, by virtue of the terms of reference also received other 26 people commissions 330 more than million yuan, 75 Wanyuan Hong Kong dollars, 1.8 million US dollars, 1 million Australian dollars, 6 Wanyuan shopping card.waveshare xilinx