One is to draft the draft structure of the Basic Law (draft). The group that drafted the structure spent half a year of investigation and research to listen to the opinions of people from all walks of life; the second was to set up five thematic groups based on the draft structure, which were responsible for drafting relevant chapter provisions; a draft exposure draft of the Basic Law, the plenary session examined and adopted and published, with 4 months to consult widely and listen to the Mainland and Macao people of all circles; Fourth, based on collected comments and suggestions on the draft were 100 multiple The amendments were supplemented. After being submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for review, the draft Basic Law and related documents were published, and it took 4 months to solicit extensive opinions in Macao and the Mainland. Fifth, based on the collected opinions and suggestions, 26 amendment proposals were submitted to the plenary. Of these, 18 were passed and the drafting of the Basic Law was successfully completed.Ethereum Miner Earnings,

  A: I have already said that since the end of 2018 , thousands of foreign envoys, officials of international organizations, and media personalities from more than 90 countries and regions have come to visit Xinjiang. They have seen happiness and tranquility among the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. The free life has fully felt Xinjiang's social stability, economic development, national unity, religious harmony, cultural prosperity, and the peace and prosperity of all ethnic groups. But Wang Songlian has passed through Xinjiang in the future, and her remarks on "mass monitoring of Muslims in Xinjiang" are completely malicious speculations.Ethereum Miner Earnings